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12 Volt powered trommel. MINIMUM 2000 gph water pump required (not included) ,

18’ of reverse helix in outer barrel, Height 31" Tall x 48" Long x 24” Wide at the base.

Hopper is 15” Wide x 14” Long, Load in height is 30”. 10” wheels/tires. Screening barrel is 28” long and

reverse helix barrel is 18” long. Sluice Box is 30” long x 7” wide w/Miners Moss and a 10” gold pan,60 pounds

8” Reverse Helix Trommel -1/4 Ton per Hr.

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Gold Pan to catch
the gold bearing concentrates
coming out of the head of the
reverse helix barrel.
Back up 30” Sluice Box
and water/classified material
discharge shoot
10” Tires.
Hopper is 15” Wide x 14” Long.
Load in height is 30”.
Unclassified tailings shoot.
8” Outer Reverse Helix Barrel.
6” inner classifying barrel 1/2” expanded steel.
1” water supply.
Dual ball valves for separate Hopper
and Barrel Spray bars.